The most extensively armed of all the adventurers, he carries a long knife, a short throwing knife, a crossbow and a quiver filled with a goodly supply of bolts, all which he wears under his long over cloak.  He made all these weapons with his own hands.


Otherwise, his wardrobe is very Spartan.  He wears a long leather coat, falling to just below his knees, under his over cloak, a leather vest, a hempen shirt, and leather trousers.  His knives he carries on his left hip.




An incorrigible smoker, the magician carries his pipe and his pipe weed in a leather pouch.  The pipe he carved himself, and the pouch is also of his own making.












Grynwalt’s Bag of Holding


Her enchanted bag.  No matter how much she puts into the bag, it is never filled. Though a rather commonplace bit of enchantment, the Bag of Holding proves to be most useful to the adventurers on their quest.  She has often placed things within it, forgetting to take them out later, and this absentmindedness on her part over the years haply provided both her and Suzette with an extensive wardrobe through many very rugged days.



Some of Grynwalt’s Dresses




The decorative dirk is a standard accessory to any well-dressed enchantress’s wardrobe.







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