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i was just thinking for a passing moment...  (sorry i know that scares some.)  many think that a demon is evil and nothing else and if one adorns horns they are just the same, evil.   and the fights, arguments and major ignorance of this topic makes me sad for i think demons can be both good and evil.  it's like us you know depending on how you ride those roads you can take a left turn or a right, i think it's called destiny.   then this horn deal, i think horns are beautiful and graceful.   when i see horns on most things i think of something pure, sculpted and sometimes these things with horns look wise and noble.   i think (i may be mistaken)  the works of michelangelo has some merited angels and noble folk who are well 'horned' in his art.

there i think i did enough damage.

(mr. bryant you can correct me on this matter or add to it about the noble horned creatures.)   now back to the demons?  shall we?

from the creator...

"Almost nothing is known of these creatures, all information being lost in the conflagration that destroyed Kh!'rk Q'm.  These pieces, relics of Kh!'rk Q'm, are among the few that survived.  It may be that the sorcerous script on the left panel might give some data about the creature depicted, but unfortunately, that script is indecipherable.  The few contemporary sources give no specific data regarding these individuals.  All that follows is speculation from later scholars."

Tweek,  he  has a story written about him. Whether the story is  based on fact, or purely imaginary, of course, impossible to tell.  The  portrait of Tweek is in the collection of the Enchantress, the Lady  Grynwalt.

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