The Fraankes Expedition (Working Title).


Hearing rumors of the fabled `Nimbus Selenium' (the so-called `Crown of Luna'), five scholars in service to the emperor set out one morning in search of it.


They are:


The Wizard, Toma, called `Toma the Great'.


His apprentice, Suzette.


The Wizard Rutuger


The Enchantress, the Lady Grynwalt, and


The Magician, Thornwaldt.


Each has his and her own responsibilities in the castle where they dwell


The Castle, at the summit of the Capitol City.



Toma and Rutuger are both wizards and scholars.  The Enchantress, the Lady Grynwalt is what we would call today an editor and publisher.  She prepares the raw manuscripts written by Toma, Rutuger and other scholars for the calligraphers and illuminators, and oversees the work of turning the manuscripts into bound books.  Thornwaldt is what we would call an illustrator, creating raw drawings in pen and ink that are either turned over to the formschneiders (the wood block cutters - this for public broadsides), or to the illuminators for coloring.


Each of these characters has his and her own study in the Castle (Seen below):


Toma’s Study


Suzette’s Study


Grynwalt’s Study


Thornwalt’s Study (his crossbow and long knife can be seen hanging on the wall above his drawing table).


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