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The sorcerer Slurimonius.  He uses this black umbrella strung with beads to
protect himself from the light of the Sun when he tours the provinces.


The ship built by the inventors Satchet and Bagley, and called the
`Adorable' by the enchantress, the Lady Grynwalt.  Depicted here in this
modern rendering, it is confronted by the Kraaken as  it makes its passage
across the Lake of Deep Purpling to the city of Markhl.

It carries the inventors who pilot the ship, and eight passengers; the
enchantress, the Lady Grynwalt, the magician, Thornwaldt, and the two
wolves who accompany him, Berzerker and Skyscreamer, the wizard Rutuger,
the wizard Toma (called `Toma the Great') and his apprentice, Suzette, and
the inventors' faithful dog, called 'Oakie'.


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