hugged a demon today?   gregory k.h. bryants demon collection vol. one.


 most of these if not all of them are illustrated on recycled grocery bags.   using only a bic pen and water colors.   (some may or may not have little feathers, sequins and other attachments.)  made with much care and love these little inspirations from his novel (thornvald chronicles (not really named that but i dubbed it that) greg's frankkes collection (the actual name!)   i don't know if this creature has a name or a specific existence but this is some of the humble beginnings of this collection. 

this one may as well just quote/unquote the creator...  "This is the Aerial Demon Carriage.  It is the empress' own conveyance,  sometimes used to transport sorcerers, always within the boundaries of the evil empire, Nergal.  It is based in the capitol of that empire, Kh!'rk Q'm.  I'll have to check the spelling on Kh!'rk Q'm.  It is powered by flying demons who straddle the roof of the carriage, pulling on a long and complicated system of ropes that cause the wings to flap."

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